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Your interior decorator and interior designer

Specialists and master craftsmen for everything from internal fit-out to fitting in

Are you looking for an interior decorator or interior designer in Berlin or Brandenburg?

We are the right professionals to care for it  – be it your kitchen, bathroom or living room. 

It will be a creative process to plan together your new living quarters! We would gladly take the time to find out about your personal wishes so we can develop the concept together.

Use our contact form for a non-binding inquiry. Tell us about your project and your specific wishes. We will get in contact with you and then discuss the way forward. Of course you can also call us during our office hours. Please check the contact section for the telephone numbers of our showrooms. We look forward to getting to know you personally.

Planning of furnishings: custom-made kitchens directly from our cabinet-making workshop

We fit the kitchen of your dreams perfectly into your room. Roof pitches, uneven walls, etc. present no problem to us. Our interior decorators and interior designers will be glad to help and advise you when it comes to choosing the right details. We are your one-stop service provider. Starting with the electrical appliances and working down the line to the forks and spoons. We can even install your personal choice of illumination.

Your interior decorator: for comfortable living rooms in Berlin and Brandenburg

Modern or classic, dark or light, leather or fabric: the number of variations to choose from is nearly infinite.

We make interior decoration seem easy. You cannot but feel comfortable in your new living room. We will design the perfect living room together with you. Our internal fit-out specialists will find the perfect solution with your input. In the end nothing shall be left to be desired.

Interior designing: individual bedrooms

The bedroom is your space for relaxing and dreaming. Did you know that we spend one third of our life in the bedroom? That’s reason enough to design your bedroom as a particular oasis of relaxation. Our internal fit-out specialists will help you design a bedroom that ensures you enjoy a healthy and sound sleep.

Let our service impress you

We would be glad to impress you with our competence in internal fit-out. Contact our interior designers for a non-binding inquiry. We will discuss your project with you and prepare a quote. We can plan the furnishings of an entire building or of individual rooms just as easily. Click interior design in order to find out more about this service.

Where do we do our job

We are able to realize projects throughout the whole of Germany while our production site is located in Brandenburg an der Havel. From the planning of furnishings of holiday flats at the Baltic Sea to the internal fit-out of a villa in the Bavarian Forest. Contact us and we will complete your interior design project without delay. You can stay at our lovely waterside guest-house ’Pension Havelfloss’ in Brandenburg an der Havel while we plan together the interior of your home.

Exclusive and modern bathrooms in Berlin, Brandenburg and Potsdam

Your bathroom should be more than a tiled cubicle with a toilet bowl, sink and shower. We convert your bath into something more, together with you! Our interior decorators are highly qualified professionals and will design your luxury bathroom in a consistent style with practical pieces of furniture and modern elements converting it into a real little spa.

Your interior decorator for functional children’s rooms

A child’s room should be fun and suitable for the age of the child. It should have all the necessary furniture and be decorated in such a way that your children can play, learn and sleep well there. Let us take care of its interior design and furnishings. We will create the right atmosphere for your child and we will choose the materials which suit its age.

It’s up to you to take the first step

We are your one-stop service provider. Use your contact form today in order to make an appointment for a non-binding individual consultation. We look forward to your inquiry.

Why choose us?

You will be enthusiastic about our service right from the start. We are punctual and reliable. The staff manufacturing your furniture in our workshop is the same who will be furnishing your home. Please feel free to express your wishes and needs in the process of planning your living space right from the start. As you set the budget for our work at the beginning, you have cost control.

Drawing on more than 20 years’ of experience we are able to produce for you first-class furniture, which is designed with great attention to detail in our workshop. Our origins lie in craftsmanship, which is something we practice on a daily basis.

Our satisfied customers do not only come from the Brandenburg, Potsdam and Berlin region. We can also look back on the successful realization of projects throughout Germany. So why not work with us? We look forward to your project.

A dining room designed by your interior decorator for quaint and pleasant evenings together with family and friends

A dining room is not just a place to take your meals, it is where the family and friends come together. It is a room for communicating and spending time together. So choosing the right furnishings is key to creating the right atmosphere. Together with you we will plan the heart of your house.

The perfect and individual custom-made dressing room

What woman hasn’t at least once dreamed about her own big dressing room? Lots of space for her small and big treasures. It’s in your dressing room where you take the daily decision on which garments to wear. In order to do so you need at least one big mirror and sufficient lighting. Apart from that direct access to the bathroom would be desirable. Let your dream come true. Our interior decorators will get you the dressing room to suit your personal wishes and your living space. Produced in our own cabinet-making workshop and fitted by our cabinet makers themselves.

Would you like to refurbish your entire flat or house? If so, please check our interior design section. We are your one-stop service provider.

From the dressing room to toothpicks: we are also able to furnish and decorate your holiday home. For further information click on the holiday home section.

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